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Did you know we are world leaders in chemicals?

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Did you know we are world leaders in chemicals

Chemicals is one of the engines that is driving our internationalization and one of the areas where we are growing the most. All of that is thanks to the full integration with other areas such as refining.

At our chemicals plants we transform crude into end products and raw materials for other industries with no end of applications: next generation plastics, cosmetics, shampoos, biodegradable detergents, paints, electronic components, pharmaceutical products and much more.



Our plants in Canada, Brazil and Spain have made us the world leading producer of alkylbenzene, the raw material used to make biodegradable detergents. We are also the leading producer of cumene and the second in phenol and acetone, thanks to our plants in China and Spain.


We sell the solvents produced at our plants in Spain globally. Thanks to our recent expansion in chemicals plants in Indonesia and Germany, through our Sinar Mas Cepsa joint venture, we have diversified our raw materials business to fatty alcohols, a basic ingredient in the production of detergents and personal hygiene products.


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In order to guarantee that our business grows while respecting the environment and the communities where we operate, we promote voluntary initiatives such as the Responsible Care program, which aims for companies adhering to the agreement to abide by its sustainable development principles. In doing this, we commit to continuously improve in matters regarding safety, health, and the environment.

We are the only global LAB producer to hold the Environmental Protection Declaration, which analyzes the environmental footprint of the 5 LAB and LABSA products we produce in Spain and Canada.



We are motivated to continuously improve, and to do that we are supported by innovation and technology to develop our business.


    • Our technology to produce linear alkylbenzene, DETAL, was developed in collaboration with UOP, and is used in 80% of new LAB production plants. This shows our untiring work in innovation in hand with our Research Center, without forgetting the technical excellence which is a base for all we do.
    • We were the first Spanish energy company to receive the Edison innovation award for developing a chemicals products loading and unloading system, which improved our efficiency, safety, and environmental impact.
    • Our chemicals plant in Bécancour, Canada is the only plant in the world that uses a thermo-dynamic system that transforms waste energy into electricity to power the installations. Thanks to this Manhattan project we have managed to achieve 60% self-sufficiency at the plant. This is the model example of efficiency and work for all of our teams across the world. Find out all the information about this innovative project here.


The chemicals business at Cepsa



Our business allows us to provide you with energy solutions adapted to meet your needs, which make your life easier, and help us to build a better society. Oilfields, refineries, chemicals plants, and service stations, distributed across the world to offer the best to customers.