The quality of your products, the guarantee of our sustainability.


Led by our management team, all of us who form part of Cepsa are committed to the quality of our products and services. To help us do this, we work to improve every day, meeting regulations, international standards, and adapting to the present and future needs of our clients.

Our vision is to be recognized as leaders in the quality of our products and services, based on our commitment together with a culture of compliance and continuous improvement that places value first for the customer, shareholder and other interested parties.


All the products and services offered by Cepsa have systems to measure customer experience, such as the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which allows us to find out whether they would recommend the products or services to their friends or family..

2016 NPS average score


With the data collected from valuations, surveys, and audits we then study how we can improve user experience, always trying to understand and meet the customers’ needs, succeeding expectations and offering a product from its inception to its consumption in the interests and valuations of the customer.


Quality management

Cepsa has a Corporate Quality Management System used across its processes and a support structure to help the business areas to implement it globally in a consistent and coordinated way.


Our Quality Management System is integrated across all the activities that we carry out. This allows us to identify the processes that add the most value for our customers and improve them using the factors that differentiate us.


CONTEXT, strategy and leadership

Customer experience is at the heart of our priorities, the base of our organizational culture, and the business strategy that we develop is focused on it.


At Cepsa we are committed to the development of the Quality Management System. This commitment begins with the Management System’s Committee, and through the entire business structure, and its compliance is assured through the following aspects.


    • Establishing the quality policy (Cepsa’s HSEQ Policy) and periodic objectives aimed at customer satisfaction in line with the context and company strategy
    • Carrying out control checks across the appropriate levels
    • Assuring the integration of the Quality Management System across all levels
    • Guaranteeing the availability of resources to meet the objectives of the Quality Management System
    • Communicating the importance of satisfying the businesses’ expectations and meeting the legal requirements

management of processes regarding risks and opportunities  

The recognition and the valuation of risks in the quality of processes, definition of control elements and safeguards, as well as the identification of opportunities allow the levels of control processes and ratios of opportunities carried out to be increased as well as, and finally an improvement of the performance of systems and an alignment with the company’s current strategies.

constant monitoring and internal controls

Constant monitoring


Observation and the study of each process in the development of the product, reviewing the quality during the progress of creation and improvement opportunities thanks to:


    • Establishing specific quality objectives verifying their compliance within the timeframes set out
    • Assuring that the product requirements are met through inspections and tests during the process

Internal controls


Each year control visits are carried out to assure the right implementation and efficiency of the systems in each process, in line with the three-year compliance plan.


All this is managed thanks to a multi-skilled team of internal evaluators, which gives us different perspectives on how to improve production processes.


system integration

Cepsa’s Environment Management and Quality systems are aligned with the latest ISO rules with a high level structure, which allows them to be integrated and managed across the company, as well as accessing external certification processes that are unique and global for all the company.



Some of the certifications that we have are:


    • Quality rules certification ISO 9001:2015 and Environment ISO 14001:2015 for all energy product processes and petrochemical derivatives.
    • We have two ‘A’ grades for emitting zero tons of COper kWh of electric energy and for generating zero milligrams of radioactive material per kWh.
    • We hold the Responsible CARE certification, a voluntary chemicals program led by Spain’s FEIQUE.

You can see all the quality certifications that we have at our plants and work centers through this certificate search.